The Western Bridge (low level bridge)

The West Bridge is a 6.6 km long, combined road and rail bridge resting on 63 bridge piers and two abutments. Both the super and sub-structures are made of reinforced concrete. The West Bridge curves horizontally with a radius of 20 km. Chosen for both aesthetic and safety reasons, this gives drivers a varied experience during their crossing of the West Bridge.

Due to the limited navigational clearance of 18m, shipping in the Western Channel is restricted to vessels of max. 1,000 GRT (Gross Register Tonnage).

The two passage spans for north and south bound shipping are marked with double leading lights and red/green buoyage (beacons and lights). In addition, the navigation spans are equipped with automatic fog detectors and foghorns. There is 260m between the north and south bound navigation channels.

To further enhance safety, a system has been set up to monitor shipping in Storebælt. This helps to prevent large vessels accidentally sailing through the Western Channel instead of the Eastern Channel.