Nyborg – Old Ferry Port

Nyborg has been a hub all the way back to the Viking Age, which helped to link Denmark together, just as there has been an active and systematic sailing from here.

In 1883, the first railway ferries were deployed on the Great Belt, which sailed between Nyborg and Halsskov.

Between 1950 and until today, major changes were made to the ferry port in Nyborg. It happened as a result of the infrastructural and technological development from 1950 until today.

In 1950, it was post-war time, and the world economy was hit. Petrol was still rationed, and the railway was the Danes’ most important means of transport. The Great Belt was busy. In line with the development, a car ferry port was established in Knudshoved, and later DSB introduced that an intercity train was to be transferred every hour across the Great Belt from each direction. On June 14, 1998, the car ferries were able to sail for the last time.

The Great Belt link was opened and now the time was reduced from 1 hour to 10 minutes.