Payment facilities

Storebælt’s toll station incorporates Storebælt’s administration building, which houses the link’s monitoring room – the O room.

New payment facility in 2020

In January 2020, travellers could experience a new toll station before crossing Storebælt. After more than 20 years, the toll station was upgraded with new technology. The upgrade has meant that it is both faster and easier to cross the bridge.

With automatic payment such as the number plate and bizz, travellers do not just get through the toll booth faster. They also obtain the best prices after the government on 1 January 2018 chose to reduce the tariffs for crossing the bridge. 

There are three types of lane

The green lanes: The green fast Brobizz lanes are on the left. It possible to drive through the toll station with max. speed of 50 km/h and pay with either a bizz or the number plate.

The blue lanes: The blue centre lanes are for self-service where motorists can pay using different payment methods – debit/credit and fuel cards

The yellow lanes: On the right are the yellow lanes, where you pay with cash